ZuttoRide Corporation

Sales staff introduction

Tohoku region


Ownership history Ninja 400
Hobby Going to gym on weekends
Specialty Skiing, snowboarding
Comments Many motorcycle troubles may occure then expected! If you run into trouble such as flat tire, battery trouble, I will take care.

Kanto region


Ownership history KTM690SMC over R, CBR600RR, RVF400
Hobby Catch ball
Specialty Bomberman
Comments I was also a bike rider and one Christmas Eve, my bike was towed by ZuttoRide rescue team. I had no idea that I would become one of the staff of ZuttoRide at that time. Because I had that kind of experience, I put myself in customer`s position and provide services. We will support customer in order to spend a safe and fun motorcycle lifestyle.


Ownership history Estoreya RS250
Hobby Snowboarding, watching Baseball game
Specialty Guitar
Comments We will fully support your motorcycle lifestyle securely in order that you can enjoy riding motorcycle forever.


Ownership history Z750FX Majesty
Hobby Ride motorcycles, reading books
Specialty Football
Comments I will do my best to support every member in order that they can enjoy motorcycle lifestyle fully.


Ownership history Scrambler 800
Hobby Skiing, camping touring
Specialty Can put a drop of medicine in my eye while walking
Comments Wish everybody could have a safe and secure, wonderful motorcycle lifestyle 


Ownership history GSX400s impulse, GSF1200, Majesty, XLH883, XV1600, v Strom 650, PCX and others
Hobby Outdoor activities, touring
Specialty Camp, loading motorcycle
Comments We will support your motorcycle lifestyle forever

Chubu region


Ownership history GPZ900R, Z1, Selo 225W, Shary
Hobby Motorcycle, Basketball, join Survival game
Specialty Can close the hole of my nose using my upper lip
Comments I`m Suzuki and I love to go out with my motorcycle at night. I don`t care cold temperatures! I try to find spare time to go out for a run throughout the year. I would be happy to support everybodys motorcycle lifestyle.


Ownership history ZEPHYR400
Hobby Fishing
Specialty Sport
Comments I will take care of your motorcycle. During enjoyable touring,accident and other trouble may occure unexpectedly. When you encounter those events, you maybe get panic and don`t have a clue what to do and get anxious but please make a call to us. We will fully support you.


Ownership history Kawasaki Balius
Hobby Outdoor activities, travel
Specialty Surfing
Comments I also loves to travel, and as a travel lover, I want to remove the anxiety during traveling and support the member in order they could travel far away by motorcycle safely. Ofcourse if you encounter daily troubles, I will come to help you!


Ownership history GSXR400R, FTR223, TZR250R, RVF400 RGV250γ
Hobby Guitar, Base
Specialty Playing an instrument
Comments Let's boost business up motorcycle industry together!

Kinki region


Ownership history W650, D Tracker
Hobby Join Survival game, touring, watch sports (baseball, wrestling, sumo)
Specialty Homebody, remembering people's names
Comments Before I became a staff member of my company, I also had an experience encountered motorcycle trouble and requested for roadside assistance service.
I think that there is a service that I can do because I also experienced trouble by myself, so I will do my best to satisfy you.


Ownership history Bandit 250, Hondakabu 125, KLX125, XLR125
Hobby Forest road touring, course run, play games
Specialty Make a good guess at delicious restaurants
Comments I will do my best to provide service that our member can have a feeling such as "Because I'm a member of Zutto Ride, I can go freely to anywhere" .


Ownership history Dragster 250
Hobby Play games
Specialty Tennis
Comments I will do my best to support every member in order that they can feel safe when they go to touring.

Chugoku region


Ownership history 10 model YZF-R1
Hobby Circuit racing
Specialty Can cook Sushi
Comments Let's run motorcycle together!

Kyushu region


Ownership history ZZR1100D etc.
Hobby Love to go touring, go to snowboard in winter, and occasionally go to skateboard. Also I love sake.
Specialty Snow board
Comments Since Kyushu has a lot of touring spot, please come and enjoy riding bikes! !


Ownership history Reading books, watching movies
Specialty Baseball
Comments I will do my best to support every member in order that they can enjoy safe, secured, comfortable motorcycle lifestyle fully.