ZuttoRide Sharing Corporation

Company Profile


Corporate Name ZuttoRide Sharing Corporation
Officer Representative Director Nakamura Masaru 
Director Shingo Hirai 
Director Hidekuni Usami
Head Office 2-Chome 6-16 Chiyoda (Kyoshin building), Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0012 
TEL: +81-52-261-6701 FAX:+81-52-261-6702
Capital stock 30 million yen
Shareholder ZuttoRide Group Corporation (holding company of the management) 100%
Establishment June 26th, 2018
関係会社 【Domestic】
ZuttoRide Group Corporation (Holding company)
ZuttoRide Corporation (Motorcycle membership business)
ZuttoRide Insurance Corporation (Insurance agency)
ZuttoRide Small Amount & Short Term Insurance Corporation (Small Amount & Short Term Insurance)
ZuttoRide Vietnam Company Limited (Vietnamese local subsidiary)
PT.ZuttoRide Indonesia (Indonesian local subsidiary)
Web site (ZuttoRide Sharing Corporation)


June 2018 Established ZuttoRide Sharing Corporation and started its delivery rental service of cycle sports (bike) in Taito-ku Imato
November 2018 Start its E-Bike inbound Tokyo tour service
November 2018 Start its collaboration with Combi Corporation for delivery rental service of baby stroller
July 2019 Moved its store from Taito-ku Imado to Taito-ku Hanakawado
September 2019 Launched an application named "CycleTrip" and started to provide a platform for bicycle sharing between individuals
March 2020 Add 20 million yen to capital stock and it increased to 30 million yen

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2-Chome 6-16 Chiyoda (Kyoshin building), Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi  460-0012
TEL: +81-52-261-6701 FAX:+81-52-261-6702

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