ZuttoRide Corporation

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Corporate Name ZuttoRide Corporation
Officer Representative Director Shingo Hirai 
Executive Vice President Hidekuni Usami
Director Keiichi Haisa (Service & Sales Manager)
Auditor Atsuko Yagami (Tax accountant)
Head Office 2-Chome 6-16 Chiyoda (Kyoshin building), Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0012 
TEL:+81-52-261-6701 FAX:+81-52-261-6702
Capital stock 9.8 million yen (excluding capital surplus reserve)
Shareholder ZuttoRide Group Corporation (holding company of the management) 100%
Establishment April 1st, 2011 (initial foundation February 1997)
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Japan newly established division from the subsidiary of Best Rescue System Co., Ltd., spun out by MBO (management buyout)
Number of Employees Non-consolidated: ​​60 
Consolidated: 200 (in Japan, Vietnam, including Indonesia)
Description of Business 【Motorcycle Membership Business】
Planning and management of membership service of Motorcycle roadside assistance service, theft insurance,extended warranty
[Bicycle insurance business】
Planning and management of Bicycle roadside assistance service, liability insurance, handling of bicycle theft insurance
Main client Honda Motorcycle Japan Co., Ltd. 
Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan
Triumph Motorcycles Japan K.K.
MV Agusta Japan Co., Ltd.
Autobike Japan
Nationwide motorcycle dealers about 6,000 stores, nationwide bicycle dealers about 2,000 stores
Affiliated companies 【Domestic】
ZuttoRide Group Corporation (Holding company)
ZuttoRide Insurance Corporation (Insurance agency)
ZuttoRide Sharing Corporation (Sharing business)
ZuttoRide Small Amount & Short Term Insurance Corporation  (Small Amount & Short Term Insurance)
ZuttoRide Vietnam Company Limited (Vietnamese local subsidiary)
PT.ZuttoRide Indonesia (Indonesian local subsidiary)
Web site 【Japan】 (ZuttoRide Corporation) (ZuttoRide Insurance Corporation) (ZuttoRide Sharing Corporation) (ZuttoRide Small Amount & Short Term Insurance Corporation)


February 1997 Established Japan Motorcycle Road Service Co. Ltd. and started its service of motorcycle roadside assistance service.
August 1999 Changed the name of the Company from Japan Motorcycle Road Service to Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd.
August 2005 Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd listed their shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers(listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange at present).
April 2006 Spun out from Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd, and newly established JBR Motorcycle Corporation inheriting the motorcycle roadside assistance service and theft insurance membership business(operated as the subsidiary of Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd.)
April 2011 Spun out from JBR Motorcycle Corporation (the current Japan Best Rescue System Co., Ltd.) and newly established JBR Motorcycle Corporation which inherited the motorcycle roadside assistance service, theft coverage, extended warranty membership business.
*Spun out from the company which is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange by MBO(Management buyout = Corporate acquisition with management participation) 
June 2012 Established the local subsidiary PT.JBR Motorcycle Indonesia in Indonesia
October 2012 Established the local subsidiary JBR Motorcycle Vietnam Company Limited in Vietnam 
October 2016 The total company group name has changed to ZuttoRide
ZuttoRide Corporation
(Former JBR Motorcycle Corporation)
ZuttoRide Group Corporation
(Former JBR Bike Relations Corporation)
ZuttoRide Insurance Corporation
(Former JBR Insurance Corporation)
ZuttoRide Vietnam Company Limited
(Former JBR Motorcycle Vietnam Corporation)
PT.ZuttoRide Indonesia
(Former PT.JBR Motorcycle Indonesia


2-Chome 6-16 Chiyoda (Kyoshin building), Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi  460-0012
TEL:+81-52-261-6701 FAX:+81-52-261-6702

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