Feb.1997 Establishes Japan Motorcycle Road Service Co. Ltd. and begins the service of motorcycle road service.
Aug.1999 Change the name of the Company from Japan Motorcycle Road Service to Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd.
Aug.2005 Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd lists their shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers, and it is listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Apr.2006 Splits from Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd, and newly builds JBR Motorcycle Corporation inheriting the motorcycle road service and theft coverage member business(operates as the subsidiary of Japan Best Rescue System Co. Ltd.)
Apr.2011 Splits from JBR Motorcycle Corporation ( the current JBR Leasing Ltd) and newly builds JBR Motorcycle inheriting the motor cycle road service, theft coverage, extended warranty member business.
Jun.2012 Establishes the local company in Indonesia: PT.JBR Motorcycle Indonesia
Oct.2012 Establishes the local company in Vietnam: JBR Motorcycle Vietnam Company Limited
Oct.2016 The name was changed to ZuttoRide
ZuttoRide Corporation
ZuttoRide Group Corporation
ZuttoRide insurance Corporation
ZuttoRide Vietnam Company Limited
PT.ZuttoRide Indonesia